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University of Northern Iowa Hires Michaels for Retro-Commissioning Study

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University of Northern Iowa Hires Michaels for Retro-Commissioning Study

La Crosse, WI – August 14, 2007 – The University of Northern Iowa selected Michaels Engineering to provide a retro-commissioning study of Maucker Union, which is approximately 120,000 square-feet.

As part of this study, Michaels will:

  • Review available facility documents
  • Analyze utility data as provided by the University
  • Inspect and determine current operating characteristics and control sequences for major equipment
  • Inspect the areas served by major equipment to determine the energy service requirements
  • Monitor and measure selected operation parameters of the energy systems
  • Identify low cost / no cost measures that will save energy and/or reduce operating expense
  • Analyze identified opportunities using trended data, site observations, and construction documents, and prepare an Energy Analysis Report
  • Meet with UNI staff to review the findings and recommend next steps

The University of Northern Iowa’s goal with this retro-commissioning effort is to reduce operating costs, improve energy service, optimize energy use, verify installation and operation against the building design intent, and educate operating staff and building managers.

Michaels Engineering looks forward to working with the University of Northern Iowa to achieve this goal. If you have questions or comments regarding this project or other energy efficiency concerns, please contact Jeff Ihnen at

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