Custom Efficiency Services

Custom Efficiency Services, Michaels Energy

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Custom Efficiency projects include the largest, most complex, and typically most cost-effective projects delivered under the DSM portfolio. At Michaels, we excel at custom efficiency because we've provided analysis and services in nearly every industry imaginable and our energy gurus are well-versed in thermodynamic, heat transfer, and fluid dynamic principles. Translation: we live for this kind of work.

Michaels’ technical staff has over two decades of experience and have completed over 6,000 custom efficiency calculations. We’ve also developed over 100 custom energy models for things like compressed air, industrial refrigeration, boiler plants, chiller plants, and energy recovery. This vast technical experience covering a multitude of technologies and program types gives utilities a technical resource without the need for adding staff or requiring program managers to become technical experts.

Our Flagship Offerings

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our traditional services below, contact us today. We’re always cooking up new innovative offerings from electrification, grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEBs), specialized training, and more.

Technical Support covers all aspects of utility custom efficiency. Services include baseline and efficient energy use and savings calculations, measurement and verification of savings, technical guide book writing and maintenance/updates, research and development of EE measures, data management, project management, utility customer awareness training, utility account management training, program design and implementation.

We have an extensive library of calculations and system models already built and tested with measured feedback. They are available to be utilized quickly and cost-effectively. Calculations are well documented, easy to follow, and give utility staff peace of mind that the calculations are technically sound and defendable.

Michaels Energy folds all of the services above into a cohesive offering for utilities, assisting utility staff in running complex commercial and industrial custom efficiency programs. As utility personnel need technical insight for program design, customer system optimization or emerging technologies, Michaels provides it from industry research, firsthand experience and sound engineering principles.

Customers are not always able to predict what energy savings strategies will be viable in their facilities. Michaels provides hundreds of energy audits, in-depth studies , and customized calculations for energy savings every year.

Energy audits include on-site assessments of facilities by an experienced engineer. Audits provide clear direction to building owners to help them drive their facilities toward efficiency goals.

Feasibility studies include detailed analyses of capital-intensive and/or complex opportunities to determine the economic viability of implementation to a high degree of accuracy and confidence.

Custom rebates are customized energy efficiency calculations for projects that don’t fall under the prescriptive measure umbrella.

Michaels uses a combination of project savings estimates and uncertainty to recommend which large custom projects should evaluated, pre and post project implementation.

Michaels provides project file reviews, onsite data collection, billing analysis, and engineering calculations to determine the energy savings for installing specific energy efficiency measures.

Utilities need to accurately capture their projected savings.  When savings are taken away during third-party EM&V, it can sting in a big way, including the bottom line.  Knowing where (what projects) to deploy relatively expensive savings verification is critical to being cost effective.  Michaels only recommends verification on projects with substantial savings at risk.  At-risk savings is a combination of project impacts and uncertainty in key parameters.  With thousands of M&V projects as case studies, recognizing these high-risk projects is second nature.

Measurement and verification provides critical feedback on the technical accuracy of calculations to the program administrators, allowing them to be able to claim savings for projects more accurately.

Custom Efficiency Services, Michaels Energy

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