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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DEI at Michaels Energy

We work hard to build and nurture a culture that is inclusive and welcoming for all employees. We know DEI essential to innovation, a strong work environment, and exceptional results. This fits in well with our culture that celebrates the unique, the different, and the individual. For us, this is who are and what we do, not just words in a policy.

All staff take three DEI training sessions per year, with the goal of nurturing an appreciation of differences and enhancing communication skills across diverse populations to better serve our co-workers, customers, and clients. Each session is led by a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) from ENCOLOR. In 2023, Michaels also began to provide Research & Evaluation training during employee onboarding, which includes cultural competence.

Michaels also actively supports organizations that promote STEM education to minorities. We are a partner in the STEM Partnership Program at South Dakota State University, which focuses on preparing young people for careers in STEM with outreach targeted at girls and minorities. We are also a proud corporate sponsor of the Science is All of Us experience at the Science Museum of Minnesota. The initiative encourages attendees and online users to learn more, take action, and develop pathways for justice and racial equity.

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2024 Diversity Goals

Professional Women

Increase the representation of women in engineering/professional roles to 40%.

More Minorities

Increase the representation of minorities to 25% across all positions.

Management Roles

Increase the representation of minorities in management positions to 10%.

Women Candidates

Increase the representation of women in the candidate pipeline to 45%.
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Recruiting at Michaels Energy

In 2022, Michaels began using JPI Group, a diverse vendor that specializes in recruiting diverse and minority candidates. Michaels also began posting jobs with organizations that target women and minorities to reach more diverse and minority candidates. As a result of these practices, Michaels’ percentage of women employees increased 5% and minority employees increased 19%.

Michaels actively participates in and posts job openings with the following organizations:

• American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE)
• Association of Women in Energy (AWE)
• Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
• Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
• National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME)

For college recruiting, Michaels participates in educational and networking events for organizations that represent minorities and women at the universities at which Michaels recruits. Michaels targets universities with a diverse student base that offer energy engineering or are close to office locations.

Supplier Diversity Program

Woman-Owned Business Enterprises

Minority-Owned Business Enterprises

Small Disadvantaged Businesses

Historically Underutilized Businesses

Veteran-owned Businesses

Service-disabled Veteran-owned Businesses

LGBT-owned Business Enterprises

Disability-Owned Business Enterprises

Engaging Diverse Businesses

As a Veteran-Owned Small Business ourselves, we understand the importance of engaging with diverse and disadvantaged businesses. Michaels actively recruits and engages with individuals and businesses that fall into one or more of the diversity categories above.

Our team seeks out and engages with these organization through industry events, association member directories, networking platforms, supplier diversity trainings, and various organizations like the Association of Women in Energy, American Association of Blacks in Energy, and economic development agencies.

Our accounting software is set up to designate vendors and subcontractors as diverse suppliers. The system can run client/vendor invoice reports for any range and combination of dates, diversity designations, project level, client level, states, and regions, including total spend and diverse spend allocations for tracking and visibility purposes.

Diverse businesses that can maintain Michaels’ standards of quality, pricing, and service are given preference over others.

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