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Careers at Michaels Energy

Working at Michaels Energy

Trying to figure out exactly what we do and how you might fit into the equation? Here’s the short and sweet: We're energy consultants. We exist to minimize waste and maximize value because we care about our clients, their bottom line, and this big, beautiful planet that we call home.

We help owners of buildings of all shapes and sizes become more efficient and productive, and to improve comfort for their occupants. We work for utilities across the country to manage, run, and evaluate programs their customers use to find deeper/lasting energy savings when energy demand is highest and most valuable.

At Michaels, we strive to build and nurture a culture that is inclusive and welcoming for all employees. We celebrate the unique, the different, and the individual. Our values, sense of humor, and not taking ourselves too seriously epitomize our culture. For us, this is who are and what we do; not just words in a policy.

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Reasons We’re Rad

The top reasons Michaels Energy is an awesome place to work, besides helping the world save energy.

We Never Stop Learning

We promote educational growth through trainings on core business topics, technical trainings taught by colleagues, invites to external conferences, and tuition reimbursement for outside learning.

Jeans Every Day

A casual work environment is part of our laid back culture. No, you don’t need a tie, or even khakis. Jeans will do just fine (fortunately for us, denim chaps do NOT count as jeans).

Beer Fridays

Have a beer on us! Go ahead, you deserve it! After a long week of work, spend some time unwinding with coworkers and enjoying a beer and some snacks on “Beer Friday”.

Fresh Fruit Daily

We promote a healthy lifestyle. So each day you can find a variety of fresh fruit at any of our offices. Like any office, we have our fair share of treats and potlucks, so the least we can do is offer nutritional options to help offset the empty calories.

Get Paid to Bike to Work

To show our commitment to living a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, we will pay you to ride your bike to work! Through the wind, rain, heat and blizzards, you will be rewarded for your commitment to biking.

Downtown Offices

All our offices are located in vibrant downtown areas with convenient access to restaurants and stores, as well as walking trails, rivers and outdoor activities. The perfect balance between the city and nature.

Flexible Work Hours

Not everyone is productive at 7am, and some people can't function past 4pm without starting an afternoon pot of coffee. Luckily, Michaels offers flexible work hours so both the early birds and night owls can achieve their ideal work-life balance.

Wellness Rewards

Just to show how serious we are about healthy living, employees earn rewards points for participating in different wellness activities throughout the year. They can cash in those reward points toward awesome free products.

Fun Company Outings

Bowling, golf, baseball games, Oktoberfest, skiing, races, pumpkin walks, summer picnics and more! Fun company outings are plentiful here at Michaels, and enhance the family atmosphere among our team.

Words from our Team

The people. Their kindness. Their brilliance. Their acceptance of others. Their passion. Their willingness to help their teammates out and cover people's butts. The way that they always strive to improve themselves and work processes. The teamwork. The collaboration. The ability to speak your mind and be listened to no matter who you are. The mentorship that is freely provided by so many. How we take diversity, equity, and inclusion seriously and support our staff. This place feels like home. It is full of beautiful souls all trying to make a difference.

Andrea SalazarWhy I Love Michaels

I’ve stayed with Michaels for almost 9 years because of the combination of meaningful work, growth and learning opportunities, and an excellent team. From day one, I’ve felt like Michaels pushed me to learn new things, innovate, and improve my work. The group of people I work with is stellar – it’s rare to find such high technical integrity in combination with humility and communicativeness. Our clients are great too – they respect and value Michaels, and I count them among my closest colleagues. Plus – we’re making a difference. With just one of our SEM programs in 2021, we will clear 10 GWh of energy savings – which is the annual consumption of 1,000 homes. Imagine that – through energy efficiency we’ve essentially removed 50 city blocks of homes from the power grid!

Carl SamuelsonWhy I'm Still Here

Having the opportunity to work at Michaels Energy means having the opportunity to work with bright, kind, and likeminded people on real solutions to real problems that our world is facing each and every day. As a young engineer, it is awesome to be surrounded by a team that is willing to take time to work with you and help you to learn and grow. Having the autonomy to seek out work that interests and excites you allows you to steer your career in the direction of your choice.

Samantha MeyerWhat It's Like to Work Here

Michaels is the most welcoming and supportive workplace I’ve ever joined. One thing that’s struck me as outstanding about Michaels is the way they home in on each person’s natural aptitude and foster their growth into roles where they’ll excel. This is a company that truly cares about developing a great team.

Rebecca KlossnerWhy I Chose Michaels

Applicants always ask me why I like working at Michaels. While I could make a list, there are a few things I always say. I love working for a progressive company that understands that taking care of their employees is a worthwhile investment. As an HR professional, this is exciting for me. I also love working with people who are extremely intelligent and passionate about what they do, and who aren’t afraid to have a little fun.

Jill HulstWhy I Like Working at Michaels

Michaels is unlike any company I’ve experienced in my professional career. The camaraderie, the support, and the gratitude are three traits that make this place feel like home. Michaels has impressed me with their ability to seek people that are passionate and fit in deeply with the culture and core values. The leadership team focuses on the growth of the business and works closely with each team member to carve out a path of career growth that instills trust and motivation in every employee. I’m honored to be part of the Michaels family.

Andrew HuckWe're a Family

Open Positions

Are you ready to join the Michaels crew and make a difference? Check out our opportunities below.

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Be Informed. Get Active. Do You.

We’re proud to offer our employees many options for creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

It’s easy for work and life to get in the way of making healthy choices, so we offer our employees solutions to ease some of the burden with ChooseWell. Throughout the year, some of the great benefits our employees use from this program include:

Wellness Reward Points

Personal Wellness Coach

Biometric Screenings

Wellness Lunch & Learn

Corporate Fitness Program

Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge

Minutes in Motion

Illustration of women holding star

Exercise Challenges

Ergonomic Assessments

Flu Shots

Grandad Half-Marathon

Weight Watchers Discount

Online Wellness Library

Employee Assistance Program

ChooseWell won a WELCOA Well Workplace Small Business Award for our well-rounded approach to achieving WELCOA’s seven benchmarks. We’re committed to achieving and surpassing the milestones we hit to earn that award, and will continue to provide choices and guidance for all our employees.