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Energy Management Programs for Utility Companies

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Welcome to the cutting edge of energy efficiency.

The days of widget programs are winding down, causing utility personnel to search for someone to design a new program for their portfolio, implement new or existing programs, or evaluate their programs. Michaels Energy can help you meet your needs and achieve your savings goals – and all without a hint of wigetry.

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Energy and Load Management

Efficiency programs delivered on your behalf

We help utility companies deliver energy and load management programs to their customers. Our team will work in concert with your team or independently on your behalf. Our energy and load management services align with our focus on solving, and in some cases avoiding, complex problems for large energy users.

Research and Evaluation

Uncover ways to deliver more cost effective savings

Our deep technical expertise and decades of experience provides our clients with a multifaceted understanding of how programs function – and what they might do better to deliver more cost effective savings. Fostering program improvements by learning how they work – we verify savings estimates to cost-effectively understand the customer impacts.

Illustration of 5 people working in office
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Looking for a partner to help with your energy programs?


Michaels Energy has been using our passion for all-things-energy to help building owners, utilities, consultants and partners save energy and design high performing systems, processes and programs since 1984. Energy efficiency, resource preservation, and long-term cost effectiveness are an integral part of everything we do.