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Michaels Energy Expands Ownership

By April 25, 2014News, Uncategorized

Michaels Energy Expands Ownership

La Crosse, WI – April 25, 2014 – Michaels Energy is excited to announce it has expanded company ownership to include three key employees – Scott Siefkes, Bryce Dvorak and Ryan Kroll.  These Department Managers join majority shareholder, Dave Waffenschmidt, and the planned successor, Jeff Ihnen, in company ownership.

The ongoing ownership transition process has identified these new owners as part of the next generation of company leaders.  The owner/employee model allows Michaels to pursue the type of work its employees are passionate about.

“Michaels’ internal transition of ownership allows us to maintain our level of technical excellence and responsiveness that our clients love.  This process requires sacrifice by existing and new owners alike, but it’s a great solution for us and gives key employees the opportunity to buy into something they believe in,” said company Vice President, Jeff Ihnen.

“We are fortunate to have the key leaders in the firm on an ownership track,” said company President, Dave Waffenschmidt. “I’m confident the transition will be smooth and seamless for both clients and staff, and provides a framework for the continual development of future leaders.”

What to know more about the new leaders?  Check them out on the Michaels Energy Key Staff page.

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