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Customer Support Center

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Boutique Approach without the Sticker Shock

Our Customer Support Center is 100% dedicated to energy efficiency programs and initiatives, and we’ve been helping customers with rebates for over 10 years. Unlike gargantuan call centers, our small but mighty team provides a boutique-level of service to fully focus on client's individual needs while masterfully handling their high standards and volume goals.

From inbound and outbound phone support, full rebate processing services, and expertise in customer and product prequalification; our team has deep experience assisting customers, dealer networks, and vendors.

Employee Care = Client Care

We believe that when you take care of your staff, they will take care of your customers. Our Customer Support Center shows us daily that we're on to something here.

Employee turnover in our team is almost non-existent, with an average tenure of 9 years per staff member. Our clients receive friendlier, higher quality service as a result. As stated from one of our longest-standing clients, "I have high expectations and your team has done a great job over the past several years to met and exceed those expectations!"

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Protecting Customers & Data

We take internet connectivity and cyber security very seriously. We provide call center services, commercial and industrial energy efficiency program delivery, and research and evaluation services for all customer classes. Each of these services involve confidential and sensitive customer information.

Our IT department requires security training and testing for all staff throughout the year and has cyber security protocols in place to monitor our system for breach prevention and keep firewalls and systems up-to-date. We have secure file transfer capabilities for encrypted transfer of confidential information and strict policies to protect customer data for our utility clients.

Menu of Service Offerings

Our full service Customer Support Center offers everything from phone and email support, rebate processing, data entry, workflow development, and everything in between. If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, contact us today.

Our Customer Support Center provides continuous call coverage during normal business hours. We always have a Customer Support Representative (CSR) staffed and ready to answer inbound calls and e-mail traffic. To accomplish this, we have at least two people in the office during call center hours. Our aim is always to resolve issues in one call, every time. When necessary, we provide warm transfers so customers aren’t left hanging or have to repeat themselves (no one enjoys that!).

Our current answer rates (as of 2023) are 92.9% of calls answered in 30 seconds or less. Our phones are VoIP to increase connectivity for phone access and synchronize with our computer systems to allow for staff flexibility.

Inbound Phone Support includes:

  • Program education and support (we become subject matter experts to assist customers and trade partners)
  • Enrollment assistance
    • Prequalification
    • Enrollment packet guidance
  • Issue resolution
  • Trade ally assistance
  • Call campaigns to support marketing initiatives
  • Scheduling, including EM&V onsite requests, program delivery, or special projects
  • Follow-up calls for audits, marketing events, or program implementation
  • Survey administration
  • Confirmation and reminder outreach
  • Script and FAQ development

We manage, respond to, and triage inbound e-mail traffic to ensure customer applications, forms, and questions are handled as quickly as possible.  We incorporate redundancy in access for team members to ensure that the inbox is active and being monitored fulltime during business hours.

Our Customer Support Center manages rebate processing services for online and paper applications. We offer services from intake to payment and everything in between!

Our Customer Support Center has helped dozen of clients with internet-based research and data entry, including the development of contact lists, locating public sites for service territory information, and pulling various information for project support.

Our team is well-versed in data entry for rebate processing and often use this skill set for data entry projects to support Account Management teams, special projects, and larger on-going services.

Organization is vital to the success of any program or project. Our Customer Support Center frequently assists with trade ally insurance documents, including collecting, scanning, and saving forms; documenting what has been received and what is incomplete; and following up with customers to gather missing data.

Our team can store and send program literature or materials to customers per their requests. This includes physical and electronic literature support. We can also package and send trinkets and branded material to customers as part of a special project.

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