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Xcel Energy Hires Michaels for Industrial Efficiency Program

By January 25, 2013News, Uncategorized

Xcel Energy Hires Michaels for Industrial Efficiency Program

La Crosse, WI – September 28, 2006 – Michaels Engineering was recently hired by Xcel Energy to provide consulting services for Xcel Energy’s Industrial Efficiency Program.

Michaels will provide technical support services including investment-grade energy analysis, training for specific technologies and applications, as well as pre and post project energy monitoring. Michaels will also provide telephone support for Xcel Energy account managers and their customers regarding technologies, applications, and the program protocols, as well as program administration support.

Michaels Engineering is pleased to be a part of the Xcel Energy team for the Industrial Efficiency Program. If you have any questions or comments regarding this program, please contact Jeff Ihnen at

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