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regression model

NMEC Jedi and NRE Troopers

By Energy Rant One Comment

In theory, normalized metered energy consumption, or NMEC, would allow demand-side resources, whether dispatchable (demand response) or non-dispatchable (efficiency, demand rates, time of use, peak rates, etc.), to be precisely measured with equipment customers have already paid for – smart meters and the advanced metering infrastructure. It would work like this: What does the meter say before intervention (like a bathroom scale)? What does it say after intervention? The difference of the two is the resource. What could go wrong? Plenty. Last week I suggested we need protocols and not just user’s manuals for deploying NMEC. This week, I deliver…

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Tooling Pay for Performance

By Energy Rant 3 Comments
A blog post from OpenEE with a title M&V Adjustments Create a Bias Towards Savings Inflation[1] is a good troll for a guy like me – a cynic who can’t stop writing the Rant even when I tried to quit a dozen times. Anyone with a pulse needs a relief valve, and the Rant does the job for me. Products designed to reduce stress, like stress balls or foam bricks, would never work. For instance, if I want to get even with a computer, do I want to grab one of these things and start squeezing? No. I want to...
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