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Retrocommissioning Savings Proven

By March 23, 2012Uncategorized

Retrocommissioning Savings Proven

La Crosse, WI – March 23, 2012 – The Energy Solutions Center, a Washington, DC-based non-profit organization promoting the efficient use of natural gas, contracted with Michaels Energy to produce a report on the energy-saving potential, best practices, and persistence issues surrounding retrocommissioning projects and programs.

As part of the study, Michaels Energy shared its experiences, lessons learned, project data, and recommendations for retrocommissioning (RCx) programs with specific emphasis on natural gas savings potential.

The natural gas savings potential for RCx is very attractive and significant.  For buildings served by natural gas, monetary natural gas savings account for about 43 percent of the total savings for all fuels, even during periods of low natural gas prices.

To learn more about RCx and the major gas-saving measures found during the study, view the full report here.  For further questions, please contact Jeff Ihnen at (608) 785-1900 or

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