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renewable energy pricing

Pricing PV Energy; The Tomato Wins!

By Energy Efficiency, Energy Rant, Renewable Energy 2 Comments
This post is brought to you by Midwest Energy News; in particular, the opinion piece, Time For Monopoly Reform in Minnesota.  It is written by Tea Partier Debbie Dooley from Atlanta.  You may have heard or read that the Tea Party and solar advocacy groups (a strange alliance) have been singing photovoltaic folk songs around southern campfires. I am not anti-renewable, but I am very much anti-misinform and mislead.  That is what The Energy Rant is all about.  To prove my love of renewables, as I was driving back from my mother’s over the Fourth of July weekend on a…
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Renewable Energy Pricing- A Tomato Tale

By Energy Efficiency, Energy Rant 2 Comments
This year was a blowout for tomato production at the Ihnen household.  Enough tomatoes were planted such that if a tomato plague blighted the Ihnen ranch, wiping out 90% of the crop, there would still be plenty for onsite production. What to do?  We visited the People’s Food Coop in La Crosse where we buy nearly all our produce.  Cherry tomatoes are selling for $1.80 per pint, and locally grown tomatoes are going for $3.00 per pound.  This is great!  Clearly, our crop as shown, represents a nice down payment toward an advanced degree for our K-9s. We loaded all…
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