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Automated M&V – In Your Dreams

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Last week, we explored the state of EM&V 2.0 and its considerable, to say the least, constraints. This week, we look more intensely at fallacious “automated M&V”. Automated M&V is an oversold and over-hyped concept. When something is automated, it takes inputs (data) from various sources, often hundreds of sources, with high frequency, maybe by the second or on a Hertz (many times per second) scale. Then the brains of the automated doohickey compute and translate the data into solutions or outcomes. For buildings of all types, from single family homes to large commercial and industrial facilities, automated systems are…
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Voter Support for Efficiency = Metal to the Pedal, Thing to the Floor

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It may be that I pay more attention compared to several years ago, but there seems to be a lot of churn in energy efficiency policy today. Some states, particularly those with a short track record in efficiency, are getting squeamish or have backed off. These include Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, and Michigan. With excess capacity, we have utilities, and in some cases their political (money) support against intervenors, and that is a fairly weak position for efficiency in some states, including some of those just listed. There is nothing better for our industry than the need to build power plants…
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