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Reduce, Reuse, Renewables

By October 13, 2015December 26th, 2021Briefs

Lightweight or heavyweight; the moves are the same

Renewable energy is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners (lightweight energy users) and businesses (heavyweight energy users). This can be in the form of solar, wind, or other renewable sources of energy. Renewable energy technology can be a great way to save money and the environment. That’s great! But let’s look underneath the roof before we start strapping stuff on top of it. Here’s the one-two punch that sets up knockout results from renewables.

Jab! (Reduce)

First, look to reduce energy. Reducing the amount of energy used is the easiest way to save on energy costs. Energy use can be reduced with control changes or more efficient equipment. Reducing the amount of energy used means the renewable system can be smaller and cheaper.

Cross! (Reuse)

Reusing energy that’s already paid for is the next best thing to reducing energy use. Heat recovery is the most common way to reuse energy. The ‘waste’ heat coming out of one system is used in a different part of the system. Heat exchanger, energy recovery, and preheat are all terms that are associated with reusing energy. Again, reducing the size of a renewable system makes it more affordable and cost effective.

Uppercut! (Renewables)

The final blow in energy conservation is renewable energy. Renewable energy comes from an energy source (like solar, wind, biomass) that is plentiful, renewable, and free. To make sure it’s right, consider a feasibility study. Go get’em champ!

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