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Hybrid Distillation in Ethanol

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What is it? Many chemical processes involve the separation of liquid mixtures into their components. For example, crude oil is a mix of hydrocarbons (wax, oil, kerosene, gasoline) that are separated at a refinery. In the ethanol industry, fermentation produces a mix of water and ethanol called ‘broth’. Broth is 90 – 95% water, but auto fuel requires >99% ethanol and <1% water. Distillation columns separate most of the ethanol from the broth. But other (hybrid) techniques must be used to remove the rest of the water. How does it work? In ethanol distillation columns, heat is applied to the…
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Servo Motors

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The term ‘servo’ refers to a control mechanism that uses negative feedback to sense and correct errors. This control strategy, when applied to motors, results in increased precision and efficiency.
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