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Productivity and Performance

By April 10, 2012December 26th, 2021Briefs

LEED®: Increase your Organization’s Speed and Intelligence

What if you could achieve $55 of financial benefit for each square foot of your building over the next 20 years at a cost of $4 per square foot?  These benefits can be achieved through superior indoor environment, which is inherent in green/LEED® buildings.

Employees: Your Largest Expense

Greater productivity of employees is one of the greatest benefits of a green building.  In many cases, employee labor and benefits account for 90% of business costs!  A successful organization cannot simultaneously shrink its payroll and grow its business and retain top talent.  Instead of focusing on cost cutting, improve the other side of the equation:  productivity.

What about Educational Institutions?

Schools and universities can benefit by helping their students perform better through green building practices.  Student performance has been documented to improve by greater than 10% in schools that utilize green building features such as daylighting.

Environment is Key

Controllability of space parameters and superior indoor environment are common among green/LEED® buildings.  Controllable parameters include lighting, temperature, and air flow while indoor environment includes temperature, humidity, air quality, light levels, and views to outdoors.

Buildings with poor indoor environment have distracted occupants that spend more time trying to be comfortable and less time being productive.  By the end of the day, these people want to get out of the building.  Occupants of a building with a superior indoor environment spend less time watching the clock and waiting for the end of the day, and more time working productively.

Occupant Comfort Produces Results

Whether your building is used for business or education, improving occupant comfort will produce substantially positive results with a high rate of return for your organization.

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