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Packaged Refrigeration System

By September 27, 2017December 26th, 2021Briefs

What is it?

Packaged refrigeration system controllers are used as a central control system for commercial refrigeration systems in grocery or convenience stores. They can be used to implement several energy efficient measures.

How does it work?

The controller manages the operation of refrigeration compressor racks, condensers, refrigerated display cases, and can interface with other third party sensors or systems. The controller can be used to implement several energy efficiency measures, including floating head and suction pressure on the refrigeration system, condenser staging, anti-condensate heater modulation, demand kW shedding, and advanced scheduling.

What are the most appropriate applications?

These controllers are for grocery stores or convenience stores that have typical commercial refrigeration systems with compressor racks serving refrigerated/freezer cases and walk in areas. The best applications are for existing refrigeration systems that don’t have any controls or for new systems.

What are the savings?

Specific savings will depend on the size of the refrigeration system and what measures the controller will be used to implement. The most savings will come from measures that reduce the amount of energy used by the compressor rack (like floating head pressure). In grocery stores, refrigeration systems usually account for 40% or more of the total building energy usage. Savings are typically 15-25% of that refrigeration system energy usage, which for large grocery stores can easily be in excess of 200,000 kWh per year.

What are the non-energy benefits?

Most controllers have capabilities that produce non-energy benefits. These include algorithms to reduce compressor downtime and cycling (which improves compressor life), more consistent case temperatures for increased food quality, better food display due to condensate control on display cases, and refrigerant leak detection improving system reliability.

What is the cost?

Costs will vary depending on the size of the refrigeration system and the different measures and sensors involved, but the simple payback with energy savings is usually under five years.

What kinds of incentives/programs are available?

Some individual measures can be incented through prescriptive programs, but when looking at the system as a whole, this would be evaluated in the Custom Rebate program.

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