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Life as an Engineer – Zack Thompson

By February 26, 2019November 5th, 2021Engineer Life
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Zack Thompson, E.I.T.

To me engineering simply means identifying a problem and finding a solution, i.e. problem-solving! This can be through designing or building something or through tweaking the way something already works. I don’t think someone becomes an engineer just through formal education. It’s the way someone thinks, either with a math and science oriented brain or through deconstructing and rebuilding just to see if they can fix a problem or understand the inner-workings. There are a lot more engineers in this world than the ones with the degrees, some of the best engineers don’t have the formal education. National Engineers Week should be recognizing all of the kids who play with Legos, build robots, design codes for games or computers and the adults who do/did this and also fix their car, computer, home appliances, build decks, kitchen remodeling, etc.

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Life as an Engineer

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