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A Franchise Organization for Decarb

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About every six months, while participating in a strategic planning, leadership, marketing, or business development meeting, I hear “we should be doing decarb,” or “we’ve been talking about decarb for years, and that’s all we do is talk about it.” “We’ll be right back here talking about it a year from now.” Whoa! First, what is decarb? My guess is most people would say reducing the consumption of hydrocarbons in a catalytic process with airborne oxygen to produce heat which may be used for heating, power generation, or locomotion – while producing coproducts of gaseous water, carbon dioxide, and minuscule…
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Energy Efficiency Professionals – FIFA V NFL

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I remind and inform people from time to time that my career in this industry consists of three distinct eras.  In the first era, lasting about five years, I was running, climbing, crawling, and digging around in commercial and industrial facilities for comprehensive energy assessments and studies.  This included gobs of energy analyses, simulations, and fairly complex cost estimating.  The second era included essentially mentoring others to do the same, plus reviewing thousands of calculations and hundreds of reports.  The third includes business development, program development, implementation, and evaluation – with a much grander view of the industry.  In the…
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What Are They Thinking?

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Montana, Theisman, McMahan, Simms, Aiken, Young, Favre, Elway, Brady, Johnson, Rothleshamburglar, Manning, Manning, Brees, Rodgers.  Connection?  If you know anything about football, you know these guys are quarterbacks, and probably know they all won a Super Bowl or three.  If you don’t know anything about football, I commend you and I’ll get this prelude out of the way quickly. Virtually no team has won the Super Bowl with a mediocre quarterback.  The only one I can think of is the Baltimore Ravens, somewhere around 2000.  After looking it up: Trent Dilfer.  How did this miracle occur?  They played the Giants. …
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