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Segmentation with AESP, Featuring Mason Verger

By Energy Rant One Comment
This post contains wild ideas that sprouted during last week’s AESP National Conference in Phoenix. Specifically, it emanates from Brad Kates’ (Opinion Dynamics) presentation on evaluation by segmentation A comment by Susan Gilbert (Apogee) Comments from Elizabeth Titus’ (NEEP) panel, “The Future of Energy Efficiency Evaluation” Segmentation Segmentation, according to this simpleton, includes not only splitting customers by business and industry types but also by geographic and demographic factors. Segmentation terms include psychographic and firmographic. I don’t know about you, but my first visualization of psychographic includes stunts featured in the movie Hannibal. For instance, psychotic Mason Verger plotted revenge…
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Freeridership: Confessions of a Bad Person

By Energy Efficiency, Energy Rant 2 Comments
On Thanksgiving weekend, I was impulse shopping online at  I’d like a new insulated coffee tumbler.  Once I moved my desired tumbler to the shopping bag and proceeded to checkout, I found that I needed to purchase $75 to avoid the $8 shipping charge.  Ok.  I’ll just buy coffee, which I always buy anyway at their stores, to clear the $75.  On the way to $75, I noticed one pound of coffee added to the shopping bag didn’t move the needle (purchase total).  That’s because there was a buy-three-and-get-one-free promotion ongoing.  Cool! My box of Starbucks goods arrived with…
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