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Guest Post: Embedded Research & Evaluation – The Great Escape

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The Big WHY of Evaluation Do process evaluation reports often have you wondering, “Where is the insight? Where is the actionable information? What are my next steps? Why did we do this research?” How did we get to this place and can we escape? There are two basic problems with many process evaluations: (1) the evaluation is far too ‘backward looking’, and (2) the idea of third-party independence. While third-party independence for verifying energy impacts is understood, it makes no sense to me that this same idea is applied to process evaluation work. Likewise, what value is there in assessing…
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Billy Bob, Evaluation Virgin

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It has been a while since I’ve written anything about programs, so here it goes.  Program evaluation provides about half our business, and much of that is verifying gross savings estimates, which are simply the original program-claimed savings.  Verifying custom projects, those that don’t fall into mass categories like light bulbs and air conditioners, are generally more interesting, at least from an energy analysis perspective.  Findings from the field can be follical (new word derived from folly) for any type of measure. Implementers of custom efficiency programs, especially implementers not accustomed to the evaluation process, can be especially entertaining.  In…
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Protest, Loser

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It has been quite a year for protests.  From Glenn Beck (although he swears it wasn’t a protest) and Jon Stewart (ditto) taking up the entire National Mall in Washington, to the months long battle royale in the 85 square miles surrounded by reality – also known as Madison, WI.  For what it’s worth, you can check out the spin in both directions regarding the recent jobs report and Wisconsin.  More time is needed to draw any conclusions. The primary problem of course in all these cases, including the greased pig wrasslin match in Washington in recent weeks, is governments…
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