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Image shows graphic of a dollar sign and lightning bolt with text "CenterPoint Customers to See Rate Hike as Utility Recovers $200M Spent on Emergency Generation."

CenterPoint Customers to See Rate Hike as Utility Recovers $200M Spent on Emergency Generation

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Original Source: PUC: CenterPoint can recover $200 million from Houston customers ( CenterPoint used one of Life Cycle Power's mobile generation units, shown here, to provide power to a community center in Lake Jackson after Hurricane Nicholas. CenterPoint has leased 500 megawatts of mobile generation, which will cost ratepayers about $200 million. Critics argue CenterPoint rushed the contracting process. Electricity customers in Houston are about to see their bills increase after the state Public Utility Commission gave a green light for CenterPoint to increase its rates. The increase comes as CenterPoint seeks to recoup $200 million in costs it incurred to to lease mobile…
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Image shows electricity with text "America is being hit by a surge of blackouts - and it's only going to get worse!"

America is Being Hit by a Huge Surge in Blackouts- And it’s Only Going to Get Worse

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Original Source: Why Blackouts, Power Outages Are Becoming More Common ( Normally, Scott Gann's air conditioning kept his house in Columbus, Ohio, cool during the Midwest's increasingly hot summer days. But in June, as the heat index climbed to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, Gann — along with more than 600,000 Ohioans — suddenly lost power, leaving him sweltering in his home. "It's just a different kind of experience when you're at your house trying to sleep and it's literally 95 degrees," he told me. Many who could afford it decided to flee to hotels in unaffected areas, but Gann and the…
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Appalachian Power Updates its Annual Clean Energy Plan

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Original Source: AEP Appalachian Power - Appalachian Power updates its annual clean energy plan ( Appalachian Power updates its annual clean energy plan. March 20, 2023 Clean energy projects that deliver affordable, reliable power while creating jobs and tax base are integral parts of Appalachian Power's plan to meet its renewable energy obligations in Virginia. The information is included in the company's annual update filed this week to comply with the Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA). The VCEA is a law that requires the company provide its 542,000 Virginia customers with carbon-free energy by 2050. With its passage, Appalachian Power…
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