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chrissy snow

Project Performance and Customer Satisfaction – Three Strikes and Yer In, or Out

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Last week I attended the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy’s (ACEEE) Summer Study for Industry, which had excellent content, but one phrase prompted me to this week’s topic, one that’s been simmering a while in my gray matter.  Due to multitasking and poor note-taking, I don’t remember the phrase exactly, but it was something to the effect of the rule of three.  My version is when it comes to project performance and customer satisfaction (and many other things), three in a row has meaning. Fortunately, the conference featured heavy doses of benchmarking, planning, and continuous improvement, which is…
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Energy Efficiency in the USA

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Over the weekend I was reading this white paper by ACEEE, and as almost always, a number of responses came to mind.With the passing of years I observe that as people age, they fall into perhaps three categories: (1) the curmudgeons  - the glass is ¾ empty and don’t tell me it isn’t (2) cynical cranks with ideas and (3) Chrissy Snows.  Engineers, for example, fall into the first two groups – or they go to law school, get into politics, and turn into a Chrissy Snow.  Chrissy Snows, as with everyone, are mostly good people, but they live in…
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