In 2022, Summit Brick participated in a year-long training program offered by Black Hills Energy and the Colorado Energy Office called Strategic Energy Management. During this year, the business took a look at its team and its business operations to identify ways to prioritize energy efficiency in their facility and take advantage of incentives and technical support to implement solutions.

Initial Findings

Summit Brick received an energy audit and a compressed air system survey. The compressed air survey uses ultrasonic leak detection to find and tag leaks in the system which can cost thousands of dollars if they are not fixed.

Actual Savings

Using energy efficiently doesn’t always mean using less energy. When Summit Brick was looking to increase production, they invested in a state-of-the-art robotic brick setting machine. This investment reduces production time by 25%, which means more bricks are produced per unit of energy input – that’s an exciting efficiency win! This also resulted in over $1000 in cost savings per year. For those kinds of projects, Black Hills can evaluate a custom rebate to determine if they can pay an incentive to support the investment in energy efficiency.