The Pueblo City Convention Center was interested in finding ways to become more energy-efficient and reduce operating costs. They decided to participate in a free energy audit offered by Black Hills Energy, which was conducted by Michaels Energy.

Initial Findings

The Convention Center proceeded immediately with a lighting retrofit – and through that work was awarded a rebate of nearly $40,000 from Black Hills Energy.  The new LED lighting improves the color and space appearance in addition to savings energy in the operations. The improvements also had the added benefit of creating a more comfortable environment for attendees, staff, and guests.

Actual Savings

During the audit, Michaels Energy reviewed the convention center’s facilities, equipment, and energy usage patterns. They found several areas where energy could be saved, including upgrading lighting fixtures, optimizing HVAC systems, reduce pump operation time, and saving energy in the kitchen.  These recommendations totaled nearly $19,000 in cost savings.