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What Are They Thinking?

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Montana, Theisman, McMahan, Simms, Aiken, Young, Favre, Elway, Brady, Johnson, Rothleshamburglar, Manning, Manning, Brees, Rodgers.  Connection?  If you know anything about football, you know these guys are quarterbacks, and probably know they all won a Super Bowl or three.  If you don’t know anything about football, I commend you and I’ll get this prelude out of the way quickly. Virtually no team has won the Super Bowl with a mediocre quarterback.  The only one I can think of is the Baltimore Ravens, somewhere around 2000.  After looking it up: Trent Dilfer.  How did this miracle occur?  They played the Giants. …
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Need Not Miracles

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Thousands, make that millions of people, including some smart people and congress people, when talking solutions for our energy efficiency low-carbon future are continuously babbling about “technology” that will save us all.  Bill Gates says we need Miracles.  Whadahyou talking about man?  The White House announces $130 million for a new building energy efficiency effort - “a multi-agency initiative to spur regional economic growth while making buildings more energy efficient.”  It will be “an Energy Innovation Hub focused on developing new technologies to improve the design of energy-efficient building systems”.  Get ready for cold fusion to reemerge. Let me tell…
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