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Upper Iowa University hires Michaels Engineering

By January 25, 2013News, Uncategorized

Upper Iowa University hires Michaels Engineering

La Crosse, WI – November 16, 2006 – Upper Iowa University, located in Fayette, IA, has hired Michaels Engineering to identify and evaluate energy efficiency upgrades for Henderson Library and Garbee Hall.

Henderson Library is the campus’s main library. It’s air handling, heating, and cooling systems have aged to the point that they cannot provide adequate climate control for the facility. Similarly, Garbee Hall which provides student housing with 221 living units, and food service for campus residents, includes aged equipment that operates inefficiently.

The project will identify and quantify energy-saving opportunities and the best options for equipment replacement. The results will enable Upper Iowa University to make informed decisions for the long-term operation of their facilities.

Michaels Engineering looks forward to working with Upper Iowa University. If you have questions or comments regarding this project or other energy efficiency concerns, please contact Jeff Ihnen at

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