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Connecting on Climate Change

By Energy Rant No Comments
The day before Thanksgiving, news and talk shows were chattering about topics to avoid at the Thanksgiving table. Topics included Trump, Hillary, Russia, Russia, Russia, a lot of U.S. House Representatives and Senators, Hollywood, NFL players, and in-laws, to name a few. I think you could easily add climate change to the list. It would probably be easier, and more socially acceptable, to discuss Charlie Rose’s peccadillos than climate change.There is a middle ground for climate change. It is occupied by 0.8% of the population. To come to solutions for issues like this, each side has to actually believe the…
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Clean Air Act 111(d) – Machete Required

By Energy Efficiency, Energy Rant 3 Comments
Have you ever dreamt that you were tied down or in some way stuck and couldn’t move? Couldn’t get traction on foot or in a car?  Extremely tired?  Hordes of clueless people in your way?  Have you ever plowed through a marsh in waders or snow up to your waste?  If so, welcome to the sensation of getting to the bottom of EPA’s Clean Air Act 111(d) rule – the one in which it has declared jurisdiction over states carbon dioxide emissions.  An investigator  needs a machete, a bulldozer, snowplow, or explosives to get to the bottom of the muck.Before…
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