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power plant efficiency

The $900 per Gallon Avoided Kilowatt Hour

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Texas broke six daily electricity records in one week, ending July 20. Alectra, serving Southern Ontario, broke its peak electricity demand record on July 5. More than 80,000 customers in Southern California lost power due to excessive electric demand earlier this month. If that didn’t make your eyes pop, maybe this will: Alectra’s record surged by 8.3% to 5,056 MW. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas reported its record increased by 3% over the previous record to 73,259 MW. Restoration Power is Highest Still more interesting, when the circuits are at risk of overload and are shut down, as they…
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Clean Power Plan and the Heat Rate Fairy

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As you must know, the EPA’s release of its Clean Power Plan on June 2nd of this year includes four “building blocks” to achieve a 30% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, using a reference year of 2005.  Those building blocks are as follows: Improve the heat rate (efficiency) of coal-fired power plants by 6% “Re-dispatch” natural-gas generators to achieve a capacity factor of 70% Development and preservation of clean sources, including nuclear, hydro, and renewable sources Demand side energy efficiency Does the EPA have any engineers on staff?  Did any of them provide input and/or oversight for the…
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