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What's in your name?

What’s in Your (Org’s) Name?

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After several weeks of hardcore grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEBs) discussion and brutal challenges, I’m giving your brains a break this week – kind of like a shot of whiskey after weeks of drinking green protein smoothies in preparation for that marathon you always wanted to do. Pronunciations Speaking of GEBs – how do you say GEBs? Gebs, right? What about SEM. No. SEM aficionados are a highfalutin crowd. It’s es ee em. So dudes, if you don’t like the way people pronounce your organization or activity, name it something simple or deal with the consequences of busy people. What about...
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Evaluation, Measurement and Verification 2.0; A Whale Bus or an Airbus?

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Evaluation, Measurement and Verification 2.0, or EM&V 2.0, is a nerdy term coined in 2014, according to this blog by Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP). The hype of EM&V 2.0, which I will explain later, is that it will automate measurement and verification, putting us engineers out of business. This is not going to happen anytime soon. Definition 2.0 The definition of EM&V 2.0 boils down to using utility meter interval data[1], typically hourly or sometimes every 15 minutes, or maybe even 5 minutes, to disaggregate and measure impacts from energy efficiency measures. One could consider that EM&V 2.0 is...
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Customer Success and Satisfaction – Monitoring Required

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The source of this post is a report by Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP), Next Generation Energy Efficiency. The direction of things going forward, as described in the report, is boiled down to a few key themes noted in the introduction: Deep comprehensive cost-effective savings for all fuels Controls and other intelligent efficiency technologies Advanced building designs with superb installation, operation, maintenance and control Integration of energy efficiency, demand response, and distributed energy Engagement of the private sector to deliver high efficiency products and solutions No widgets. A Bulbous Barrier First, I want to discuss a substantial, bordering on major,...
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Segmentation with AESP, Featuring Mason Verger

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This post contains wild ideas that sprouted during last week’s AESP National Conference in Phoenix. Specifically, it emanates from Brad Kates’ (Opinion Dynamics) presentation on evaluation by segmentation A comment by Susan Gilbert (Apogee) Comments from Elizabeth Titus’ (NEEP) panel, “The Future of Energy Efficiency Evaluation” Segmentation Segmentation, according to this simpleton, includes not only splitting customers by business and industry types but also by geographic and demographic factors. Segmentation terms include psychographic and firmographic. I don’t know about you, but my first visualization of psychographic includes stunts featured in the movie Hannibal. For instance, psychotic Mason Verger plotted revenge...
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