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Hey, Hey, Hey, Buggy Whip Bites the Dust

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A couple weeks ago in Driving Ms. Free Rider Daisy, I wrote about free-riding new construction and lighting programs – that to make a difference we need a change in outdated rules for energy efficiency programs. One reader responded, “Good points that have been around since the word negawatt. Any program ideas, besides stop paying for LEDs, that helps us obtain negawatts beyond the free rider ones?” It is your lucky day. Another Buggy Whip to Walk the Plank You can spend a fortune on personal trainers, dieticians, doctors, and a personal chef to lose weight. Or you can spend...
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Thinking Required; Uh Oh – Effective v Triggering DNA

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A year ago, I ranted about the Powerwall, part of Elon Musk’s grand vision of flashy widgets[1]. From that post, I will modify a portion to fit this post: Uber is disruptive. Powerwall isn’t. Powerwall is mostly disruptive to the owner’s bank account. It solves no problem, but it does create new ones. In last year’s post, I assessed the cost of electricity storage via the 7 kWh Powerwall[2]. Over the lifetime of the unit, the cost per kWh would be 11.7¢ per kWh, kWh and installation not included. In other words, the storage alone costs 11.7¢. Imagine if your…

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