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cost of electricity

Transparency and Messaging Rate Cases

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Over the years, I’ve collected a few business phrases that resonate: Profit is an opinion Balance sheets are opinions Cash is truth Debt is truth Cash flow is a truth Price is truth Profit is an opinion because there are billions of ways to calculate it, including millions of ways to calculate gross and net profit and millions of ways to manipulate the data. There may be quadrillions of ways to calculate balance sheets based on asset values alone. Enough said. Cash and debt are concrete, real numbers we can look at every day. The change in cash and debt…
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Capacity Factor

Renewable Energy, Bad Parents, and Midwest Strawberries

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If you enjoyed the greatest modern decade of sports, when MJ went six for six in the NBA finals, you would remember this McDonald’s commercial nearby. In it, Larry challenges Michael to a game of trick shots for Michael’s Big Mac and Fries. (I don’t know why my adolescent idol, MJ, would agree to play for something he already paid for, but…) As you can see, the game quickly progresses into an outlandish game of “first to miss, loses.” It leaves off with a shot from the top of Chicago’s fourth tallest building, the Hancock Tower. Cost of Electricity I…
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saved energy

Cost of Saved Energy – Drop it and Give Me Twenty

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I was planning to write about industrial efficiency and the crimes of opting out this week, but while searching for supporting data, I found other interesting stuff; namely the cost of saved energy by state and by year. In 2009, ACEEE published a paper, Saving Energy Cost Effectively: A National Review of the Cost of Energy Saved Through Utility-Sector Energy Efficiency Programs (short titles are not one of their strong suits). A few years later they published an updated paper for the 2014 Summer Study For Energy Efficiency in Buildings. This one was called, Still the First Fuel: National Review…
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