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corrective action

Feedback and Lessons in Customer Satisfaction

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I am not an expert in customer satisfaction, but I can say anyone working at our company better know our values statement, which is all about customer satisfaction. I can also tell you I am a consumer of goods and services, so I thought I might share some thoughts from my perspective on this subject. I will start with an example of poor customer service/satisfaction and then quickly pivot to an example of good customer service – both of which occurred in the last week. As you should know by now, I can’t stand ads of the type that waste…
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Disaster in the Gulf

By Energy Rant, Government, Sustainability No Comments
Like millions of people around the world, I have been following the slow nightmare that is unfolding in the gulf.  Many topics and thoughts come to mind. First, our company mission is “make every project a positive experience for our clients”. It’s simple but guides everything we do.  When there is a potential mistake or an angry client calling or emailing us complaining about something we are involved with, it’s a code red in our office.  Engineers and managers meet immediately to plot the course of events leading to where we are and we clearly define the problem and plot…
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