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clean air act

Image shows graphics of leaves and co2 with a down arrow, along with text "Chevron Going Down"

Chevron Going Down

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Last year I wrote that the Supreme Court of the United States, SCOTUS, ruling in the West Virginia case, is a sign of things to come. That case buried a fork in the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. The legislative and executive branches would have to modify the Clean Air Act to pass such limits. In response to the ruling, Politico quoted SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts: “Capping carbon dioxide emissions at a level that will force a nationwide transition away from the use of coal to generate electricity may be a sensible ‘solution to the crisis of the day. But…
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Clean Power Plan (CPP) III – The Coma Phase

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Roughly a year and a half ago in Clean Air Act 111(d) – Machete Required, I outlined why the Clean Power Plan (CPP) was poorly constructed because it is unworkable under the Clean Air Act as written. Then, of course, earlier this year, a month ago to be more precise, I started to investigate how the final plan would work in the January 25th and February 1st posts. On February 9, at 10:58 AM, I replied to an internal email about a tangential subject of grid stability that the CPP would probably be upheld because Chief Justice Roberts has demonstrated…
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Clean Power Plan Arms Race

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I imagine the EPA is working feverishly on their final ruling for the Clean Power Plan (proposed under the Clean Air Act), due this June.  Meanwhile, many states and one prominent company, Murray Energy, are digging in to do legal battle for decades to come, possibly.  The “possibly” part of that would occur if the Clean Power Plan is upheld by the courts.  That will result in endless litigation.  If it is thrown out, the federal government may have to actually pass laws for once – you know, the political process. Here is the problem with the Clean Air Act:…
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Clean Air Act 111(d) – Machete Required

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Have you ever dreamt that you were tied down or in some way stuck and couldn’t move? Couldn’t get traction on foot or in a car?  Extremely tired?  Hordes of clueless people in your way?  Have you ever plowed through a marsh in waders or snow up to your waste?  If so, welcome to the sensation of getting to the bottom of EPA’s Clean Air Act 111(d) rule – the one in which it has declared jurisdiction over states carbon dioxide emissions.  An investigator  needs a machete, a bulldozer, snowplow, or explosives to get to the bottom of the muck.Before…
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