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benefit cost test

The $900 per Gallon Avoided Kilowatt Hour

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Texas broke six daily electricity records in one week, ending July 20. Alectra, serving Southern Ontario, broke its peak electricity demand record on July 5. More than 80,000 customers in Southern California lost power due to excessive electric demand earlier this month. If that didn’t make your eyes pop, maybe this will: Alectra’s record surged by 8.3% to 5,056 MW. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas reported its record increased by 3% over the previous record to 73,259 MW. Restoration Power is Highest Still more interesting, when the circuits are at risk of overload and are shut down, as they…
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saved energy

Cost of Saved Energy – Drop it and Give Me Twenty

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I was planning to write about industrial efficiency and the crimes of opting out this week, but while searching for supporting data, I found other interesting stuff; namely the cost of saved energy by state and by year. In 2009, ACEEE published a paper, Saving Energy Cost Effectively: A National Review of the Cost of Energy Saved Through Utility-Sector Energy Efficiency Programs (short titles are not one of their strong suits). A few years later they published an updated paper for the 2014 Summer Study For Energy Efficiency in Buildings. This one was called, Still the First Fuel: National Review…
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total resource cost test

Total Resource Cost Test – Less than Total is Better??

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I spent considerable time a year ago figuring out the various cost effectiveness tests that are applied to energy efficiency programs.  Since they are so bizarre, it took me almost an hour again to relearn it.  Thankfully, I documented it in language I can understand, and no one squawked about anything being wrong, so I’m going to believe it was right.  For a refresher, that was Energy Efficiency Benefit/Cost Tests and a Handful of Excedrin. I won’t recycle all that information, but in this Rant I will advance the discussion to demonstrate that the usual benefit/cost test, the Total Resource…
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