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A New Year’s Resolution for Your Company

By January 17, 2017December 26th, 2021Briefs

Consume Less Calories … and by calories we mean energy

A couple centuries ago, a French chemist named Antoine Lavoisier developed a theory about energy, which he called calories. The theory was not correct, but many of the terms, like calories, are still used today when talking about a person’s fitness and a building’s efficiency. When we ask how many calories are in food, we are asking how much energy the food contains. Too many calories without enough exercise makes us less fit. Too much energy without enough production makes a building inefficient.

A person who wants to be more fit or a company that wants to be more efficient are in luck. The same methods people use to get fit can be used to make your company more energy efficient.

Food Journals and Energy Audits

An old maxim is that what gets measured gets managed. Many people begin their fitness journeys by using a food journal or some other way of tracking how many calories they consume, when they are consuming them, and (best of all) why they are consuming them. A food journal tells a person where they are and points out opportunities for improvement. The food journal for building energy use is called an energy audit.

Fitness Goals and Energy Management Plans

Once a person knows their current level of fitness, they will set a fitness goal for themselves. Companies should do the same thing for their facility’s energy use. These goals are generally defined in an energy management plan that directs facility personnel on how to achieve company goals. “Don’t eat cookies for lunch” becomes “Shut off the air compressor at night”.

Membership Programs and Utility Programs

Let’s face it; fitness goals are tough! Many times the boost people need to succeed comes in the form of a membership program where professionals help accomplish goals. People only need enough will power to sign up for the program and get to the meetings. Once in, proven paths to success and support from coaches keeps people on track. Your company has access to energy efficiency programs through your utility. These programs are designed to help you achieve your energy efficiency goals. Give them a call and ask how they can help you cut some calories in the new year.

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