Perham Resource Recovery Facility is a waste-to-energy plant that takes garbage from five counties and processes it into steam for industrial facilities. Needless to say, they know that waste is untapped value!

As a customer of Otter Tail Power Company, the Perham Resource Recovery Facility was identified as a prime candidate for the Turnkey Retro-commissioning (RCx) program. This program offers detailed studies that produce fast payback opportunities for clients, ensuring that their commercial or industrial building is operating as efficiently as possible.

Initial Findings

We recommended six main adjustments to make throughout their facility, which was projected to reduce energy consumption by roughly 1,152,000 kWh and $74,000 in energy cost savings.

Actual Savings

One year after the project, annual savings have exceeded expectations with energy consumption reductions of 1,650,000 kWh and $105,500 in energy cost-saving, for an overall waste reduction of 13%.