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Michaels Energy Launches New Series of Briefs

By June 13, 2011Uncategorized

Michaels Energy Launches Energy Program Briefs

Michaels has been providing Energy Briefs and LEED Briefs for over five years with over 100 published briefs to date. The content of these briefs has been technical in nature featuring energy efficient technologies, control strategies, design concepts, as well as separating fact from not-so-factual, or just plain fiction.

A year ago, we expanded our briefs series to include a series specifically for industrial technologies, system design, and controls issues. Presently, we deliver three series of briefs: Energy (commercial), Energy (industrial), and LEED; one every two weeks on a rotational basis.

The next iteration of our briefs series includes the addition of the Energy Program Brief, which will replace LEED Briefs in the rotation. Michaels’ unique perspective of delivering services in all phases of program design, development, marketing, delivery, impact evaluation, AND participation via systems design offers experiences over a vast range of program successes, failures, and everything in between. The Energy Program Briefs will address issues contributing to program success, underperformance, and failure, and share lessons learned so program developers, managers, account managers and program evaluators can be more successful.

In closing, we call these “briefs” for a reason, and we stick to it. They are no more than a page in length and they are generally less than 500 words. They cut to the chase and require a minute portion of your busy day.

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