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LED Lighting- Why are Customers Gaga?

By September 16, 2014December 26th, 2021Briefs


Want to save a bunch of money and have great looking lighting? Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting is a terrific option. By now, most people know that LED lighting is the most energy efficient technology available, but most also consider it too expensive. However, energy experts are finding areas where LED lighting is actually the cheapest lighting option available! The following are three categories where LED lighting outshines the competition.


When properly designed, LED lighting systems can be 80% to 90% more efficient than incandescent or high-output lighting[1]. It is also 15% to 40% more efficient than fluorescent lighting. This level of energy savings is excellent, which is why many utility companies provide incentives for purchasing LED lighting. If lighting is a major contributor to energy use, energy savings alone are likely to provide an attractive return on investment.


LED lighting has a rated life that is typically two to ten times longer than other technologies. This means fewer replacement lamps will need to be purchased and labor expense for light maintenance will be reduced. These are real, quantifiable savings that directly impact balance sheets and productivity. For LED lighting, the benefits go even further.


The individual savings of an LED bulb are impressive, but their flexibility is where they really glow. Most LED lighting is dimmable. This means the same LEDs can be used to brightly light a conference room and be conveniently dimmed during a presentation. Many LEDs go beyond dimming and can also change color to set the ambiance of a space. Want nice daytime lighting for reading? Want a warm glow to relax? The right LED bulb can do both. These fixtures may even be Powered over Ethernet (PoE). Yes, there’s an app for that.

If Ethernet sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Ethernet cables have been used for decades to connect your computer to the internet. Now these easy-to-install cables are used to power and control lighting.  Since they are low voltage, expensive conduit is not required.  This allows for easy relocation to put the light precisely where it is needed.

Saving energy, saving money, receiving incentives, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing flexibility are some great reasons to make the switch to LED lighting.

[1] High-output lighting includes Halogen, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, and Mercury Vapor lamps

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